Your Office Is Your Brand.

Unlimited Media Instruments believes that any office space should work as hard as the employees that inhabit them.

The aesthetic of business spaces is just as important as functionality. If a company values a fun and creative atmosphere, but the office is designed with grey tones and closed-off-cubicles, any customer or business partner stopping by would think they’re in the wrong place. Confusion and misrepresentation are the last emotions anyone should have leaving a meeting or transaction because they can easily lead to mistrust.

Aesthetic vs. Functionality

An office should be two things: comfortable and functional. It should be an inviting and friendly environment, but still cultivate quality work. This step can be a bit difficult as businesses interact with so many different personalities. From its employees, partners, and customers that they collaborate, creating an environment that both represents the company and offers a sense of well-being should be the goal of any office space. If that same creative business wants to express its values visually, they may opt for an open space floor plan and large tables where the employees can gather to discuss work together. This kind of seating would indicate that the company prides itself on openness and cultivation as the space allows for open discussions.


The right space for the business will provide the energy and atmosphere that those employees will need to accomplish their best work. For example, the creative company provides the big tables in its workspace for the employees to come together, and work through a project that allows everyone to be a part of the conversation. There are other options that encourage the quieter, heads-down energy that encourages strong focus.

How UMI Can Help

Unlimited Media Instruments brings quality brands to its customers with sustainability and value in mind. UMI can help assist branding in the workplace by working with a business to distinguish what kind of work community best suits the brand and its employees. By looking at a company’s branding guide and logo, the specialists at UMI can also help distinguish what colors and furniture aesthetics will best represent the brand in an architectural format. Take a look at the many different ways we can transform your workspace!



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