How to Plan A Sustainable Event?

Events, workshops and event companies in Dubai, take place in all proportions, in all sorts of social and commercial settings — whether it is a Christmas party, a large-scale conference, or a corporate event. Everybody likes enjoying a day, an evening or maybe a weekend with plenty of food, drinks, talks, interacting with others, sharing thoughts, seminars, and/or other events.


What is sustainability & sustainable event?

Sustainability can be described as bringing in improvements in your order’s normal activities to reduce the loss of natural resources. By doing so, the natural equilibrium remains intact and we, as humans, can give back to mother nature.

Standards of a sustainable event

Over the years, event planners and event companies in Dubai have endeavored to establish innovative approaches to plan events. While for most event planners it is one of the key concerns to go green and jump on the sustainable event trend.

Reasons why events should care about the impact on the environment

Organizing sustainable events is one of the organizers’ main obligations. Once organizing green events is completed, the impact that people make on the environment must be understood. What effects do to our jobs, the events we attend, the festivities we go to and the ways we interact with each other have on the entire ecosystem? Today, if an event is planned, a lot of waste is likely to occur which means that we are leaving a big carbon footprint.


Establishing your budget

Here is the part that makes every event planner nervous, yet they consider the budget. While events can always be out of the pre-decided budget, it’s always better to pre-chalk all the plans out. It’s critically important to allocate all of your resources as that’s how you’ll pay for all the things you ‘re going to use to put your event together.

Finding the most convenient venue

You will choose a specific venue after you have agreed on the location. First, start making a list of all the popular places you’ll want to explore. Here you can take advantage of references from other firms, and maybe even word of mouth. A single tour of these places won’t be enough for you to judge whether it’s suitable for your upcoming event. You’ll need to keep the venues on the list for screening.

Selecting your technology

There is no dearth of software in today’s world. With lots of it taking over the market, it would be fitting for you to use some of it to make your events a lot less of a hassle for yourself.

Event management software can help you with the registration, marketing, organizing, and most importantly, the preparation aspect, absolutely straightforward.

Finding your partners and vendors

If you’ve settled on the venue, you’ll want to check whether or not you can get in outside suppliers, other expert arrangements, etc. Many venues today have their in-house teams and can offer you deals that can be good for you. Even if you bring third parties or outside vendors to the venue, workaround and try to find the best possible deal.

Creating an event sustainability policy

If you talk to all stakeholders and explain the necessity of going green to participants, you can win over half the battle to organize a sustainable meeting. Perhaps you can ask them humbly to properly dispose of the waste and to use it wisely. What’s better is for people to follow a well-developed sustainability policy.



It’s not difficult to make the planet cleaner and greener. What we need to do as event planners is to find creative approaches to arrange large-scale gatherings and events in an environmentally sustainable manner, to maximize the environmental effect. While a certain amount of waste is left behind, proper management and disposal are essential. Finally, going green is the key to highly sustainable events.


Contact us at Unlimited Media Instruments, an event management company in Dubai to help you make your event green and sustainable with the help of our very well experienced team!


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