The thing that the most to take care of the owner of the company is how to design the layout of the office to push the employees to be more effective at work.

Before that, you have to know the type of your own company, who work with you, and what facilities that you could give.

Not just focusing on the function, office design way better if focusing on the layout and the decorating. The office usually just filled with tables and chairs only and plain wall, now you have to think how to make office design with the epic layout and complete with beautiful decoration.

Now, UMI will help you for those who looking for references of office design which can be applied at your office, check it out!

Types of Offices

Before decorating your office, you need to know there is two kind of offices;

Office with Closed Room

Like other companies in general, a closed room office is a private place that restricted with dividing wall. To keep the concentrate on every employee, so it can maximalise their productivity.

Even this office room is really boring, but there are people still using closed room office, especially, for whose don’t like to be bothered by anyone.

Also closed room office has pros and cons.

Pros of Office Design with Closed Room

Some of the pros can you consider if choosing closed room design.

More Privacy

The closed room makes the privacy of employee is more protectable. This thing facilitates employees to have work and office area for themselves where they can think and work without any bad circumstances.

Besides, that employee can answer a call or work on their project and important task without people acknowledgment.

Work Free

Sometimes employee wanted there is no sound or irritating voice that can distract the concentrate and bother.

Layout design of a closed room is providing a workplace free of disruption for the employee where they can maximize their work.

This thing makes employee more focus to work and increasing productivity itself.

Improving Creativity

A private room can make a piece environment and calm also make the employees could exploring ourselves better because focusing on work causing improve creativity.

So, the employee who works in the creative department needs a work environment that quiets and calms so they can focus on work and give the best result for the company.

Detailed Hierarchy

Closed design of a company often showing special rooms for a certain position. So, the hierarchy at the office with legible clearly.

In general, the higher the position, the better and special of the room they got.


An office room is better and special for those employees who well competitive to get a nice position or high position in addition to get the special room.

They will do the best for promoting themselves to increase position to be a better position.

Not Much Talking

The closed room makes a rare communication between employees. So not many employees are talking gossip. They are focusing on their job and wanted to end quickly without wasting time on unimportant things.

More Safety for Employee

The closed room is good for a confidential job. Cubicle will make every employee feel safer within the privacy of their own. The existing of the cubicle in every room make a comfy place.

Every Employee Working with Their Own Styles

The employee is expression-free and could finish the job-task with their own way.

They can set things they like or dislike at their own workplace. This way pushing employee to able to concentrate on their job and giving the best result.

Healthy Environment at The Office

Its creation of a healthy environment at the office, there is no debate, gossip, or any specific interaction. Causing way too far from gossiping and interaction between employees, so the environment office becomes formal and suitable to work.

The Cons of Closed Room Design

Here some cons that you need to consider of having an office with a closed design room.

Hard to Watch the Employees

With privacy room for every employee, of course, watching every each of them, from a room to the room take a lot of time.

Expensive Cost to Build

Needs more fee to build the layout of a closed room, need more infrastructure than open layout design, including the building-cost. The quantity of wood raw materials, coal, and other facilities need more money to build.

Possibly Decreasing Employee productivity

The possibility of performance decreases causing less of the guide from the company. However, the closed room is wrong to use by the employee.

thing causing the decreases performance and productivity of employee that later can disadvantageous the company.

Needs a big space

The use of workspace for all employees separately affects the number of employees employed. Compared with the open spatial design, this type makes the company can only hire few employees because of the limitations of existing space.

This concept should be about the employees doing communication through the move from one place to others to finish their certain job. If there is an employee that in rush time and probably haven’t finished their task, they have to leave the office without telling other employees, so it bothers the other task of being delayed.

Possibly, not all employee got new information

Every employee in their own office. So, the huge possibility no all information is delivered to some employees.

Lack of Unity between Employees

Remembering there is no communication between employees which no close friend and unity between them. This is disadvantages and could slow down the company development.

No Emotional Factors Among the Employees

As a human being, every human need social and moral support to get their achievement. There is a dependable thing of every human to another human for some reasons. However, this factor was gone because of a lack of communication between the employees.

Office with Open Room

Office layout with the open office layout is a thing now or in other words popular. Now, this layout is such a big revolution within office design. Often, we know open office layout give more latitude for employees to do interaction. However, did this kind of layout can maximalise the job?

These are the advantages of an open office layout:

The budget more economical

Definitely, open office layout means there are no borders between the table of work and employee. It makes the budget economical and also can contain a lot of people in the room. Office with a central place decrease the facility of air conditioner and electricity fee, so it can decrease the expenses of the company.

Quickly sharing ideas

The near distance between the employees makes they quickly to share ideas and increase the productivity. This layout is improving to share ideas with easy methods.

Easy Guide

This design also can ease the manager and supervisor to watch and guide the employees with efficient way.

Now the manager and supervisor not must to walking around from one place to another to do the supervision or asking feedback from the employee. Faster supervision it’s helping to resolve the problem.

Increase the communication

The positive side of borderless between employees is a latitude communication interaction of employee. Everyone in the same place, not have a much time to waste in the talk. Make works culture more effective and efficient.

Improving work relation

By the close range makes the boss and employees become close, it means the relations has become better.

The situation is directly developing the environment of positive works. If the employee happy so does the productivity increase naturally.

The work is easier and faster to finish

The manager will be easier to watch the project of a team they’re working on if the room is designed with this layout, causing possibly to track the growth of every member that involved. Critics and information are easy to accept between one and others.

Light is Easy to Enter and The Air is Easy to Circulate

Because this office is wider open, so the office will be larger and the air is easy to come in. the natural lights from the sun easy to enter the office if there is a window. Makes the mind more clearly by the air and the lights come in.

Changing of layout interior is Easy to Do

The circumstances of layout changing will always follow by the office development. Sometimes interior also have a little change if there is any new or reduction of the employees.

Open office layout is easy to add or reduce table and chair.

Disadvantages of Open Office Layout

Besides provides advantages that already mentioned above, here are some disadvantages of open office layout.

Cause Noises

The central place contains a lot of people in the one place borderless can bother other employees. Like the noise of people talking, on phone, typing sounds, and voices that can be heard clearly. The noises also bothering the comfort.

Make the Concentrate Bothered

No privacy room makes the employees annoyed. Moreover, the employee who needs high-level concentrate, they will crash other employee’s focus.

This thing directly decreasing the productivity, especially for those who cannot work in noises situation.

The Lack of Security

The lack of security for the confidential job. Because there is no privacy and tight security in office layout so every employee has to keep with good the tasks and things they had in their own table.

No Privacy rooms

As same as the open office layout, this cannot may every employee for doing the privacy talk that confidential. Because everyone will hear your conversation.

The solution is the employee has to find privacy room like the toilet, such as for answering a call.

Frequency of Debating

The plenty of people in one place the more of debate that could happen. The debate is often happening, like one employee disagree with lights set, air conditioner temperature, the room perfume, and et cetera. This thing generally happens.

Hierarchy between seniors and juniors are gone if using open office layout. This thing will create a negative feeling for them and cause decreasing of productivity.

After you know the advantages and disadvantages of office layouts, now you can decide which one of the layouts that suit your company.



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