5 Interactive Visual Merchandising Ideas Which You Can Use in Your Next Trade Show

Ever since technology has empowered brands to create immersive and interactive experiences for customers, the whole essence of product display or visual merchandising has been continuously evolving. Visual merchandising is not about creating visually appealing product displays any longer. With customers seeking memorable experiences and interactions, brands strive to create smart displays that catch customer’s attention, keep them engrossed and respond quickly to their needs.

These interactive visual merchandising technologies are not just limited to in store experiences but also being used at trade fairs and exhibitions. In case, you are not on top of these interactive visual merchandising trends, this article will acquaint you with that. And before you go full blown on these visual merchandising trends, you can start with using them at your next trade show booth to boost your product sales, client footfall and achieve the desired ROI.

Try-On Mirrors
If you participate in beauty and cosmetics trade fairs, try-on mirrors can work wonders for your booth at your next exhibition. Already popular among high-end brands like Mac and Sephora, these mirrors are designed by using Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to give that extra boost of confidence to customers to experiment with new look. Try-On mirrors allow customers to experiment with different make up in real time, without actually having to wear makeup. Business Insider named it “the best lifestyle technology product”.
Promoting and boosting sale of products like shoes and accessories is extremely easy with these mirrors, as they can simulate the desired look in a split second. Try-On mirror is not really a mirror; instead it’s a touch screen display which has a selfie-camera at the top which enables you to see your face on the screen. You can choose the product you want to apply from the menu at the bottom of the display. You will surely have a lot of customers flocking to your brand by equipping your booth with these smart try-on mirrors.

Interactive showcases
Interactive showcases have taken product display to a whole new level. Let’s first understand what exactly an interactive showcase is. It’s a display showcase which responds to tactile signals and improves customer interaction. It also has touch screen terminal which induces actions and reactions. Since it’s a smart and interactive showcase, it helps highlight products and put them in the limelight to grab a passers-by attention.
Once a customer shows interest in the product, it quickly responds by giving all the essential information about that product. It can present information in the form of a catalog or guided tour information about real estate or a holiday destination. Once you have captured their interest, you can guide them about your company, trends, and cross sell latest products and combos.


Immersive environments
Immersive environments and experiential designs are changing the way we perceive and experience products in the market. Audiences love to get exposed to new experiences these days, and immersive environments are the most intriguing way to entice your audience, especially at trade fairs where the competition is tight. You can create an immersive environment around your product or service through 3D hologram projectors and high resolution projectors to take your customers on an immersive journey.
There is a plethora of ways to create immersive and experiential spaces to attract visitors. Augmented Reality, which is animation heavy, can turn a bland room into immersive environment by adding extra elements through digital overlay to the environment, which helps visitors, see an altered form of reality. However, Virtual Reality, which requires a headgear, fully immerses people into alternate reality.

3D Projection Mapping
3D projection mapping on products is one of the smartest uses of 3D projection. This simple technology can take your automotive show to another level. Also called projection mapping or spatial augmented reality, 3D projection mapping turns objects into display surface for video projection. It not only allows you to highlight features but it’s also a great way to show your car or a specific auto part in motion or catching up speed. The objects that are highlighted through 3D projection mapping come to life and create an immersive environment for the viewers.


Robotic Assistance
Robotic assistance is another way to make your trade show booth interactive and introduce your visitors to your product line. Robotics is on the rise in the US, as it helps customers navigate the store easily to find whatever they need. A robot at your booth can attract crowd, greet them and give information about your company products in an engaging manner.

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