5 Design Solutions for Distraction

5 Design Solutions for Distraction

Have you ever had a million things to do, but can’t seem to focus? You are not alone. Distractions in the workplace are common but can be avoided. All that’s needed is some help with office space planning to design an office where the team can thrive.

  1. Comfort is Key
    Designing an office to accommodate different working styles is important for the success and sanity of your team. Sitting in the same chair for eight hours is not in the best interest of every employee. Some need to stand and others need to sit in a different position in a chair or couch designed for comfort. Offering an alternative work area designed for comfort allows employees to relax, and, in turn, work more efficiently.
  2. Private Work Areas
    Some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of a busy office, but to others, it’s a distraction. Although collaboration is necessary for a team to succeed, sometimes an uninterrupted focus is necessary. Dividers between work stations often limit the distractions of watching what others are doing or worrying if someone is watching you. When planning your office interior design, consider areas that promote privacy and concentration.
  3. Accessible Power Outlets
    Today’s workspaces are centred around technology, so your office furniture should be too. Workers constantly need to have fully charged cell phones, tablets, computers, and more to do their job successfully. Not having enough outlets in a meeting area or easily accessible in their workstation is an inconvenience that takes time away from other tasks. It may be time to upgrade the office. Modern office furniture is commonly built with power outlets already in them, or you can find sleek options to hide your cords.
  4. Collaborative Workspaces
    Teamwork is essential for the workplace to be successful. However, when a team has many members, communication throughout the day is essential. Instead of groups congregating at an individual desk, designate collaborative areas in the office. These areas can consist of lounge seating or small mobile tables and chairs, where co-workers can mingle and discuss ideas without disturbing the concentration of their associates. High-back chairs and couches as well as moveable acoustical screens are designed for noise cancellation.
  5. Eliminate Noise
    Whether it’s the lawnmower outside, or your cubicle neighbour’s email dinging all day long, office noise is inevitable. However, some interior office design efforts can buffer that noise to where it’s barely noticeable. Adding rugs, privacy screens and acoustical fabrics will cancel unwanted noise and transform the workspace into a quiet environment.

Distraction cancels productivity. Unlimited Media Instruments provides businesses with modern and effective workspace solutions. Designing the workspace to eliminate distractions is fundamental to the success of employees

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