4 Hallmarks of A Great Store Location

When QSR managers scout for a new store location, they may have a hundred items in their must-have checklist, but there are really only four that, when satisfied, will make them go: “This is the place!”.

Does it have a good traffic flow, accessible parking, signage availability and a well-maintained facility? If the answer is yes to all four, then the location is a great one.

UMI shared this insight from more than 15 years of experience. The company has helped clients from various industries and sizes pick the perfect location that compliments their fitout plan.

A good traffic flow and accessible parking ensure that the location will have a lot of passers-by, both on foot and in a car, who will be able to see and visit the beautifully fitted new store.

Meanwhile, signage availability increases the store’s visibility, and a well-maintained property is a naturally attractive destination for diners.

We believe the above points in conjunction with a comprehensive review of the proposed area and any additional costs due to the location assist in clients making a successful selection.

Store location is so important that UMI has made it a point to offer site selection advice as part of its core fitout service, on top of providing quality fitout design and on-time completion within a client’s budget.

“We believe [site selection advice] is one of our services that sets us apart in the industry. Once our clients have selected prospective properties our team offers advice on whether the property is fit for purpose as well as what inclusions our client should request during the leasing negotiations.

At the end of the day, a fantastic fitout creates a memorable experience for customers.

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